About us


THE BIRTH OF EXCELLENCE: In an era where luxury often equates to exorbitant prices, Souax.com was born out of a desire to break this norm. Founded by Mr.Zhu, a passionate admirer of Italian culture, Souax.com seeks to redefine what it means to be luxurious. Disenchanted with traditional retail's unjustifiable mark-ups, Mr.Zhu envisioned a world where sophistication meets affordability. That vision is now our reality.

UNWAVERING QUALITY, FAIR PRICES: We're more than just a brand, we're a revolution. Based in Hong Kong, our seasoned manufacturing partners are true artisans. Luca, with his meticulous attention to detail, personally inspects the quality of each timepiece before it is shipped. Our commitment to excellence goes far beyond business.

THE STORY BEHIND "SOUAX": Italian Cities on Your Wrist. Each letter in "SOUAX" stands for a different Italian city, inspiring a unique watch in our collection. These limited-edition timepieces are more than luxury items; they're a blend of Italian art, culture, and style. From Siena's historic charm to the undiscovered X, every watch tells a story of Italy.

DESIGN INSPIRATION: Our designs are inspired by the most esteemed brands in the world, yet each Souax watch stands apart as a unique blend of timeless tradition and contemporary style. It's not just a watch; it's a statement.

WHY CHOOSE SOUAX? In a marketplace crowded with options, Souax sets itself apart by offering high-quality luxury at fair prices. We believe elegance should be within everyone's reach, and this ethos fuels our brand every single day.

CONTACT US: If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to us at CONTACT@SOUAX.COM